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Fishing 50LB Braided Line Smooth Multifilament

Fishing 50LB Braided Line Smooth Multifilament

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Material: Braided Wire, Meters: 500M 1000M, Coating Layer: Smoother

Strength Test Range(KG): 3.6-27.2KG, Diameter Range(mm): 0.10-0.40mm

Water Absorption: No, Abrasion Resistance: Strong PE,  Tough and Durable

The ultimate companion for anglers seeking precision, strength, and reliability on every fishing expedition.

(1) Exceptional Strength: Our fishing line is engineered using advanced materials that deliver exceptional tensile strength. Whether you're battling with a feisty bass or a colossal marlin, this line won't let you down.

(2) High Sensitivity: Feel every nibble and bite with heightened sensitivity. The fishing line's responsiveness allows you to detect even the subtlest movements, increasing your chances of success.

(3) Abrasion Resistance: Built to withstand the harshest underwater environments, our fishing line is abrasion-resistant, reducing the likelihood of breakage when it comes into contact with rocks, branches, or sharp-edged objects.

(4) Long-lasting: Our fishing line is built to withstand the test of time, maintaining its performance and integrity even after repeated use. It won't degrade or weaken prematurely, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

(5) Easy to Spool: With excellent manageability, our fishing line is easy to spool onto your reel. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, you'll appreciate the hassle-free setup.

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