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Cycle Digital Speedometer Waterproof

Cycle Digital Speedometer Waterproof

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Colors: Black, Style: Wireless

Features: Waterproof, Large Screen, Multi-function

Size: About 75mm * 50mm * 13mm

Power Supply: 2032 Button Cell

(1) Crystal-Clear LCD Display: Our high-resolution LCD screen ensures you can easily read your ride data, even in bright sunlight. The large, backlit display means you can track your stats day or night, rain or shine.

(2) Wireless and Waterproof: No more tangled wires or worries about sudden rain showers. Our wireless design keeps your handlebars clutter-free, while the waterproof construction ensures your odometer works flawlessly in all weather conditions.

(3) Real-Time Data: Stay informed with real-time data on your speed, distance traveled, trip time, and more. Whether you're chasing personal records or just cruising, you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

(4) Multi-Functionality: This cycling speedometer isn't just about speed and distance. It also features a thermometer, clock, and stopwatch functions, making it an essential tool for your biking adventures.

(5) Easy Installation: Installing our speedometer is a breeze. The included mount and sensor attach effortlessly to your bike, and the wireless connectivity eliminates the need for complex wiring.

(6) Long-Lasting Battery: Don't worry about constant recharging. The long-lasting battery ensures you can enjoy uninterrupted rides without the hassle of frequent battery changes. 

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